Food banks (and charitable food distribution networks) play a strong role in community economic development, empowering constituents and building local food commerce. Starting with broad economic trends and learning from food banks at the cutting edge, we'll form working connections to carry the work forward.

of California's Coachelle Valley
of California's Coachelle Valley

Lisa Houston is President and CEO of the FIND Food Bank in Indio, California (in California's Coachella Valley). Read more here. FIND is not only a clever acronym for a vibrant and successful charitable food distribution network, but also a model for mobilizing resources and community involvement.


FIND, the Sacramento Food Bank and the Yolo Food Bank serve as inspiration and models for us as we address the particularly acute problem of charitable food distribution in a sparsely populated region. Our own region's ability to address food insecurity is, in fact, hindered by our current inability to assure that high quality and perishable foods will reach our constituents in time. 



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