Our 7 Opportunities

Our 4 Problems Worth Solving

1. AgOfTheMiddle:

The problem:

Local food has a less than optimal impact on our regional economy: our people, our heritage resources, and our productivity.

2. Agriculture Cluster Enterprises 


The problem:

New agricultural production is stymied, and access to needed markets restricted, without local efficiency from needed economic clusters.

3. Food In Need Of Distribution

The problem:

Inefficient local food system logistics pose multifaceted problems in our sparsely populated region.

4. Effective Altruism



The problem:

Regional wealth and philanthropy have become disengaged from our local food and farm economy, and our charitable food distribution.

Our 3 Solutions

Not a simple one-element strategy, but a way to integrate community, private, and public assets into a system of local economic prosperity with a focus on our farm and food heritage.



Enabling Agriculture and Enterprise

Clusters Using the Catalyst of a Value Chain Coordinator


A brand new Social Enterprise Model to Help Bolster Our Food and Farm Economy, combining Public and Private Resources for Maximum Leverage.



Identifying and Evaluating  Unique and Relevant Distribution, Production and Marketing Models, and then Measuring and Reporting on their Collective Impact

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